Sixth Form Student Leadership

Our Sixth Form Student Leadership Team is made up of eight members, all of which are current Year 13 students at CCHS. 

Head Boy: Alex Nickless

Head Girl: Bethany Turnbull

Deputy Head Boys: Owen Bradbury, Jak Middleton

Deputy Head Girls: Olivia Aldridge, Madeline Fittes, Megan Hucks

The Head Boy, Head Girl and the respective deputies are supported by Student Ambassadors who take on roles with responsibilities including: Charity & Fundraising, Primary Transition, Key Stage 4 to 5 Transition, CHAMPS, and main school support. 

The Sixth Form Student Leadership Team are heavily involved in whole-school events, representing the student body and being representiatives of the school in the community.

As role models, the Student Leadership Team members, along with many other Sixth Form students, take on mentoring and peer tuition roles, supporting main-school students both academically and socially.